How can God’s ‘all conquering love’ transform our relationships, families, communities and world today?

As it is in Heaven is an empowering message for the church today. Designed to suit all audiences, you can present it yourself or book a TEAR speaker. Watch the video to gain a glimpse of the presentation:

As it is in Heaven invites churches to join with us and our Christian partners around the world as they respond to extreme poverty, climate change and inequality through prayer and action.

As it is in Heaven shares a message that needs to be heard by Australian Christians about God’s restorative dream for the world. It will inspire you and your church to embrace and work towards a better, more just tomorrow.

This is an important and empowering message for the church, one that provides hope and meaning for the seemingly small and incidental prayers and actions undertaken by faithful people on a daily basis.

Present 'As it is in Heaven' yourself, or book a TEAR speaker:

Present it yourself

Present it yourself

One of our team will contact you and we'll mail you a kit with everything you need, including:

  • video
  • presentation slides
  • speaking notes
  • project information and other TEAR resources
  • multiple versions of the presentation designed to suit varying audience needs.
Book a speaker

Book a speaker

TEAR's education staff are happy to work with you to create a presentation that suits your needs, while inspiring and challenging your audience.


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