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Who We Are

Renew our world is a global movement of Christians who long to see God’s world renewed. We believe that God’s intention for this world is that no one would hunger, thirst, or live in oppression. That the world God created is more than enough to sustain all creation. We believe God’s creation is a gift to us, that we ought to steward and protect. And we know that the health of creation and of our global family are inextricably linked–that as our environment is degraded so are the opportunities for people to flourish.

We have immense hope that God will indeed restore all creation!

We believe we need to shift our thinking, our behaviour and our policies to build a restorative economy–an economy based on biblical principles that is just and sustainable. In our prayers, and through our actions, together we are shaping a world that reflects God’s love for all creation so that all people in every nation can enjoy fullness of life. Right now, we are tackling the critical issue of climate change as it not only harms the environment, but our poorest brothers and sisters.

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What is a Restorative Economy?

An economic systems based on Biblical principles, principles that are just and sustainable. All people can make a living and have what they need without wrecking the planet. This is what the Restorative Economy is all about – where God’s intended order is built back into our social and economic systems. Read more.

What do we do?

Renew our World mobilises, inspires, and equips the global Church to:

  • transform our nations' policies to be more sustainable and just
  • transform our hearts through prayer and study to be more sensitive to injustice and better equipped to respond
  • transform our behaviours and practices to reflect our love of God's creation and our global neighbours

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Renew our world

Renew Our World is a global movement of Christians calling for a more just and sustainable planet for all.