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Climate Action Petition: 25k signatures and counting!

Climate Action Petition: 25k signatures and counting!

Renew Our World Climate Action Petition

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Thank you so much to those who have been part of the Renew Our World Climate Action Petition, calling for stronger action on climate change.

We are up to 25k + handwritten signatures and counting! Over 40 TEAR volunteers helped collect over 2000 signatures and were also involved in meeting with at least eight MPs around Australia. What a wonderful effort! 

MP Adam Bandt presented the Climate Action Petition in early September in Parliament.

Adam said: "I'm very proud to present to parliament a major petition from communities of faith supporting action on climate change and a just transition to renewable energy. Grassroots communities of faith around the country.... have come together to recognise that climate change is disproportionately affecting poor and marginalised communities around the world and that has Australia has a special responsibility to act.

The petition calls for stronger action to reduce our emissions, transition away from fossil fuels, move towards renewable energy, and support our poorest and most vulnerable neighbours as they face the increasing impacts of climate change.

Twenty-five thousand people of faith around the country have signed, all on pen and paper, including 192 of my constituents in Melbourne. I would like to thank my constituents Yen Daly, Tom Allen, Jo Knight and Sister Elizabeth Young of the Sisters of Mercy who met with me in Melbourne to present the petition to me."

What is the Renew Our World Climate Action Petition?

It's the biggest faith-based, multi-electorate pen and paper petition in our history, calling for stronger action on climate change.

This year, the Australian Government will undertake a major review of its current climate change policies. This petition calls on our Government to take stronger action to address the climate change challenge. The petition is aiming to cover every electorate in Australia.

The Climate Action Petition was supported by a coalition of faith-based organisations including Renew Our World / TEAR Australia, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, Caritas Australia, Catholic Earthcare, Common Grace, Edmund Rice Centre, Pacific Calling Partnership and the Uniting Church in Australia.

It’s been fantastic to be part of this as we all join together to speak up to our politicians on this crucial issue of climate change and its effect on our brothers and sisters around the world.  

As the petitions are presented by MPs and tabled in parliament, please continue to pray that the Government will take action and do all in its power to protect communities in Australia and our region from the harmful effects of climate change.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up to Renew Our World for next steps and advocacy actions.

Our next big advocacy moment will be the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany this November. You can read our blog explaining what the conference is all about.  

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