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Renew Our World: the story begins

Renew Our World: the story begins 

The first half of 2017 was a busy time in the Renew Our World space! We launched the campaign, held a global day of prayer on 1 March and released our new video. Then we began to organise the <Climate Action Petition> and our amazing volunteers have been busy collecting signatures in their area!

Renew Our World is made possible by the involvement of passionate and faithful people like you! We’ve been so thrilled to see the many wonderful things happening around the world as part of the campaign and wanted to share some special moments with you. 

Renew Our World: the story begins

We love this photo (above) from our friends at Tearfund UK who held a London prayer walk the night before launching Renew Our World. They prayed outside the embassies of countries from different continents to represent the coalition around the world, and ended at the UK's Parliament.

Renew Our World: the story begins

We were also inspired by our friends in Nigeria who got off to a great start with radio interviews, action and prayer. Prayer was held with two of Tearfund’s partners who work around clean energy and implementing sustainable agriculture programs in the country.

We’d love you to keep praying for the Renew Our World campaign as it continues to grow. Together, let’s take action to help shape the world as it should be.

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Renew Our World is a global movement of Christians calling for a more just and sustainable planet for all.

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