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Renew Our World Volunteers: Meet Dan!

Renew Our World Volunteers: Meet Dan!

Meet Dan! He’s passionate about letting our MPs and other Australians know that, in his words, “loving God means loving and caring for his entire world and every part of creation.”

Dan’s has been a key volunteer for Renew Our World, actively involved in collecting signatures for the Climate Action Petition. 

We asked Dan why it’s important for Christians to speak up  on this issue. “We need to urge our MPs to do better and to choose to run our economy and society in different and less carbon-intensive ways. It's saddening to think that the majority world could rightly see us as being miserly and indifferent to their situation,” he says.

“We clearly need more inspired and visionary leadership than we've seen to date from government and other sectors. But the responsibility starts with us, the government's response is just a subset of our own.”

Join Dan! To find out how you can get more involved contact our Advocacy team on

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