Praying together forTomorrow

Lent is a wonderful time for reflection, action and going deeper in our faith and understanding of God’s heart for justice. TEAR has commissioned a series of seven prayers, created by different authors and transformed into beautiful artwork that you can share with your church, friends or family. Join in the season of Lent as we explore prayerful responses to poverty in today’s world.

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Prayer 4

Prayer by Dan Ong, TEAR Volunteer.

Lord, As night falls, as the hunger of the fast grows, keep us hungry for your justice and mercy, and mindful of your persistent love for us.

As we contemplate darkness, as women and men struggle in labour and ache in desperation, remind us that their shalom is as important to you as ours in this family that you have made possible.

As we wait eagerly for you, our eternal dawn,
fill us with the hopeful excitement, imagination
and faith of children as we work joyfully towards your Kingdom.

On earth as it is in heaven.


Lent Week 4

Art by Catherine Wheeler Blamey.


Traditional suburbs meet rising apartment towers where I live, while convenient consumerism obscures disadvantage and tomorrow’s consequences, and busy people like me often ignore neighbours in their midst, let alone those living an ocean away.

Amidst all this, I’m thanking God for the people and circumstances He keeps using to challenge my thoughts about what is enough in my life and who I truly treat as my neighbour.

I’m keeping hope for God’s tomorrow by helping my neighbourhood churches build links towards local justice, community, simple living and food, and enjoying the opportunities that emerge to learn and share with others about God’s better tomorrows elsewhere.


At TEAR Australia, the Lenten season in many ways reflects the journeys of our partners and the communities they work in. Whilst we see the pain, the struggle and the challenges of poverty and injustice, we look forward in hope to a better day.

We invite you to prayerfully consider joining this work of restoration and hope by supporting TEAR’s partners to overcome poverty and injustice.

How your gifts can help:

Lent Week 4

$30 can help contribute to water and sanitation projects, improving family health and reducing illness in the community.

Lent Week 4

$60 can help establish a community group of women, giving them the confidence and support to transform their communities.

Lent Week 4

$120 can help establish basic education programs for people who might otherwise miss out on a proper education.