Praying together for a just and compassionate world

Lent is a wonderful time for reflection, action and going deeper in our faith and understanding of God’s heart for justice. TEAR has commissioned a series of seven prayers, created by different authors and transformed into beautiful artwork that you can share with your church, friends or family. Join in the season of Lent as we explore prayerful responses to poverty in today’s world.

Prayer 7

Prayer: Dr Jonathan Cornford is the founder of Manna Gum, a ministry in good news economics based in Bendigo, Victoria.

Jesus, Lamb of God, help us once more to have the courage to walk with you on your journey to the cross, trusting that the life you lead us into is greater than any death we may face. Give us the courage and the clarity of sight to see that life lies in the living of love and not the pursuit of self.

Lent Week 7

Art by Elizabeth Braid.


Jesus summed up his whole meaning and purpose in one statement: "I came that they may life and have it in all its fullness". But the door to fullness of life is always through some sort of dying. Becoming open to the pain and despair of the world is a kind of dying. Letting go of high incomes and self-serving careers is a kind of dying. Admitting we are wrong, or that we simply cannot do it on our own, is a kind of dying. "Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it bears no fruit." Without such dying and rising, we are simply the walking dead, awaiting the bitter end. Death is in essence the choice for self. Life is in essence the choice for love. True life is always Resurrected Life, and over it Death can hold no power.


At TEAR Australia, the Lenten season in many ways reflects the journeys of our partners and the communities they work in. Whilst we see the pain, the struggle and the challenges of poverty and injustice, we look forward in hope to a better day.

We invite you to prayerfully consider joining this work of restoration and hope by supporting TEAR’s partners to overcome poverty and injustice.

How your gifts can help:

Lent Week 7

$25 can help provide a tippy tap along with health and hygiene training for a family.

Lent Week 7

$50 can help provide support for women during pregnancy and childbirth – giving their children a safer start to life.

Lent Week 7

$125 can help provide skills training to community members to help provide opportunities for them to earn an income.