Happy Easter from TEAR

We hope you have enjoyed our Lent series of beautiful art, prayers and reflections.

Today, on Easter Sunday, we remember the new life and the amazing hope that Jesus brought to the world. And we also give thanks for what His resurrection means – that the brokenness and injustice we see today is not the end of the story.

A short Easter message from Kuki Rokhum from our partner EFICOR in India

“Through my work with EFICOR - TEAR’s oldest partner -  I see some of the fruits of this work, these clear glimpses of God’s kingdom. I see women’s lives being transformed, I see families strengthened and I seek communities empowered - all of these things giving people a foundation of hope for the future.”
- Kuki Rokhum, from our partner in India, EFICOR 

TEAR is driven by this vision of new life that Easter represents – working to bring hope to communities around the world. Thank you for your support, and for being an integral part of this important work.

This Easter, we pray that we can recommit ourselves to be people who point to the risen Christ, participating in God’s glorious work of restoration, freedom and transformation.

Yours in Christ,

Matthew Maury, TEAR National Director

Happy Easter from TEAR

Happy Easter from TEAR

Kuki from EFICOR


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