Midwives save lives


Midwives save lives! Mingma from Nepal (pictured, above right) is a dedicated midwife who runs a birthing centre in her community, which has been supported by TEAR’s partner United Mission to Nepal (UMN).

Before the birthing centre was established, women in her community struggled with difficult deliveries, without the support they needed. After training as an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, Mingma was thrilled to be able to head up the birthing centre and provide this life-giving service her community. Through the support of UMN, she was able to access more training as a long-term Skilled Birth Attendant.

Since then, she’s been able to help 21 women safely deliver their babies and support them with postnatal care. She also provides regular monitoring of other pregnant women in the community.

Her training has been pivotal in enabling her to respond to more difficult cases, like one she recalls vividly Mingma says: “I encountered a complicated case during delivery. I was alone with the client and it was around midnight. During the long labour stage, her family members had gone outside to get some food for her. Suddenly, she went unconscious and I was all alone to handle all the situation.”

“I calmed myself, started IV infusion and medications. I was recalling all the training skills to have a grip on the situation. After few minutes, she regained her consciousness and all vitals were normal. I was very happy when she gave birth to a healthy baby. After few minutes of delivery, her family member arrived, and they were very glad and offered their heartfelt gratitude for saving her life. Whenever I remember that day, I feel so proud and blessed for saving her life.”

We give thanks for Mingma and other midwives like her, who are working in their communities to support women through pregnancy and childbirth and give their babies a safer start to life.

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Midwives save lives

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