A great eye for business

Ritu wields a eyeshadow brush with such skill that everyone in her local area trusts her to do their make-up. Having been trained through TEAR’s partner Saahasee’s vocational program, Ritu started her beauty therapy business with a mobile cart, visiting clients in the suburb adjoining the slum where she lives.

The business grew, and now Ritu has a shopfront as well as mobile work – both attracting a wide range of clients. Choosing to give back to the program, Ritu is now teaching the next generation of Saahasee’s students, acting as a role model for women’s business in the slum.

A great eye for business

Ritu (left) with one of her clients in her beauty therapy business

At TEAR, we believe that God has created everyone in his image. Yet many people around the globe don’t have the opportunity for their true beauty, gifts and skills to shine. They’re held back by poverty, marginalisation and injustice.

Would you like to help people like Ritu unlock skills and abilities that are often hidden by poverty? Give to TEAR Australia’s End of Year Appeal. 

Your gift will be used by TEAR and our partners to fund projects that help people earn an income, strengthen their community and take steps out of poverty. 



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